Custom Theme + Expression Engine Migration

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Brandiose: Custom theme and development

I matched and improved on the original Brandiose site design, working from detailed PDFs sent by the Brandiose designers. The final version is as close to pixel-perfect as a responsive site can be.

On the back end, I used Advanced Custom Fields to make it easy to add and change content and images (such as the main hero image on the front page), and I cleaned up outdated JavaScript, in some cases replacing it entirely with more lightweight and functional versions.

The mobile version of the site (<–that’s it right over there), which was a new addition to the original design, incorporated all sorts of stuff not found on the full site, such as modal videos and horizontally-scrolling modal portfolio images.

WeVillage Drop-In Playcare

Custom Theme

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WeVillage: Custom Theme, Copywriting, Illustrations & Print

I created a custom theme for WeVillage, including support for multiple locations, and online booking.

I set up a Campaign Monitor account, which used a custom template I designed to automatically pull content in from the site. Since Campaign Monitor is awesome and lets you do all sorts of exciting custom things, there were triggers for automatically sending things like birthday specials.

For the mobile version of the site, I customized a theme for WPMobile.

I also created all the background illustrations for the site, which are also used as window clings and on promotional materials, and designed postcards, brochures (like the one to your left), and flyers.

In addition to all that, I ran the company’s social media campaigns for a little less than a year on Facebook and Twitter.

Fancy That

Custom Themes

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Fancy That!: Shopify and WordPress

Fancy That! was a custom Shopify theme with a front-page JavaScript slideshow, blog and product display, and a modal pop-up for first time visitors.

On the back end, I created product customizations that went beyond simple variants, allowing for custom artwork, monogramming, and notes. I also set up a super cool sorting menu (

And who wants to blog on Shopify? (Lots of people. It’s got a pretty good blogging section. But still.) I created a matching WordPress theme for blog posts and archives.


Custom Theme

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Mullanium: Custom theme, animation, illustration and print

For the Mullanium theme, I created a custom illustration of birds and branches, which I illustrated as a gif (this was 2007; the options were gifs or Flash, and I chose the lesser of two evils). I also did all the post-production work on the hero image and the product images.

I also designed promotional postcards for the company, like the one you can see to your left.

Jessica Neuman Beck, a web designer, writer, and illustrator based in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

I create custom themes for Shopify and WordPress using CSS3 and HTML5. I like clean, semantic code and subtle designs that let my clients’ work shine. My illustrations are a combination of old-school pen-and-ink and cutting-edge digital so they’re flexible, editable and scalable.

wpvqs-sm For all you DIY types, I’m the co-author of the WordPress Visual Quickstart Guide for Peachpit Press, a step-by-step primer for creating, running and managing WordPress sites.

Want to work with me on a project? Contact me and find out if we’re a good fit!

Jessica was wonderful to work with when she designed and built my website. She was always available and had many good suggestions. I highly recommend her.

It’s rare to find web talent with equal strengths in the creative and technical sides of web design…but Jessica possesses both!!


I stumbled across an article written by Jessica while researching new style recommendations for the web. I was so impressed that I had to track her down.

Wow – it looks great!

We are consistently getting compliments on our site thanks to Jessica. She is a pleasure to work with!

She approached the project with an intuitive creativity that turned the experience into much more that the creation of a logo. Her work inspired a lot of great ideas about the very nature of the company!

That looks awfully easy. I’m totally going to be a web designer when I grow up.

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